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Coffee + Dessert + Besalu = BLISS

Strolling through the village of Besalu, Catalonia, Spain. I stumbled on a small cafe serving up bold coffee and divine deserts. The barista spent a few moments answering my questions about the cafe, the village and just everyday life in Besalu before recommending the coffee of the day and the fresh decadent dessert. The coffee was so smooth and nutty. Al Gra was worth the stop during my walk.


Highlights from my walk.

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Let me share with you a little BIG secret which is the perfect excuse to travel  to…. Barcelona Spain

Booking an apartment..

The cuatro (four) of us (Kamala, Jade, Laurel and I had the pleasure of lodging at the Imperial Apartment by Charming Villas. The apartment had a modern flair very roomy and stylish right in the heart of Barcelona walking distance to everything -which I loved, I truly enjoyed the locals, the architecture, the food! Did I say the food?!  I could go on and on!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Barcelona is a perfect setting for retreats, parties, showers, weddings and more… I had a BLAST and can’t wait to get back!!! The ambience of the apartment set apart from being in a hotel and did not feel like I was at home -who wants to travel and feel like they are at home…

The apartment was walking distance to everything (major bonus) yet it was in a nice quiet neighborhood.

For more information the Imperial Apartment and more Luxury Apartments contact http://www.charmingvillas.net

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Ice coffee in Madrid

One of the best spiked coffees I’ve had was in a cute little shop tucked away on the streets of Madrid, Spain…. Crema la Creme Kalper was the Spanish liquor used in the coffee and it was uniquely amazing..




If you think I was excited about the coffee just imagine how I felt when three french tourist walked up to me and said “who dat”!! My sweater called me out. In broken english -I think this was the cutest part hearing them struggle to tell me they were huge Saints fans. They pulled out their phone to show me the highlights of their visit to New Orleans to watch the Saints in person.. Pretty impressive Saints!!! It was a bond made in heaven!!!

IMG_5543 IMG_5544 IMG_5545

Luxury Mediterranean Escape

Breathtaking view of Gods beauty… This location will please everyone of your guest for sure.  I was in awe from the time we pulled up to the Hotel Arts Barcelona to the moment we were boarding the plane.

Barcelona Beach

The architectural design of this building is beyond amazing… I’m having withdrawals as I type this post.

Hotel Barcelona is by far in my top ten hotels.  💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

wedding on the sea


They did not cut any corners, everything you think you might possibly need during your Barcelona stay is within your reach including but not limited to a full service spa, boutiques, car rentals, amazing views from every angle and the best tasting mouth watering tantalizing blue cheese burger I’ve ever had in my life!!

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Heaven on earth is tucked away right between the Pyrenees & Mediterranean Sea

I will forever be grateful to Richard of Charming Villas for going off the track, up a winding road to everything I never dreamed of -but the best way I could explain it would be “it was a dream come true”


I was so amazed with this breathtaking panoramic view of Costa Bravo everything from a historic lighthouse, to disappearing mountains, endless body of water ….all while sipping on a hot cup of coffee, enjoying good people, good conversation, never-ending photo-shoots and eating a traditional Cadaques pastry Taps De Cadaques (courtesy of the mayor) –they melt in your mouth so yummy you have to pull yourself away from them… Which is exactly what they had to do to me…. Pull and drag me to the car.. I could have stayed right there the remainder of the trip. All I needed was a tree house and a portable coffee mug… By vehicle it’s a winding roller coaster of a ride to get there but so worth it!!! I’m planning my trip back in my head as I type.. The moment was so surreal that I can’t remember what the coffee taste like but it was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my life!!











The best of Girona, Catalonia, Spain

When planning a destination wedding , special occasion , a retreat or just a get a way to meditate, relax and bask in the Glory of Gods beauty there’s so many known choices out there.. When you think of Spain immediately Barcelona or Madrid comes to mind…. Well nestled away right outside of Barcelona you will find Catolonia.. There you will find Gods beauty at it’s best.. Sara & Richard the owners of Charming Villas are fortunate to be the ambassadors of the charms I had the pleasure of visiting, embracing and allowing into my heart.

charming villas richard and sara

Richard and Sara didn’t cut any corners in hosting us during our trip. From private tours of the Dalí museum, Jewish Quarters, Roman age Cathedrals, Medieval Villages, Castles and Gothic Churches –we were able to experience Catalonia in such a remarkable way. Fine dining was one of the many perks to say the least I had to go on a diet upon return… Endless Potatoes, Bread, Olive oil and Wine were at a constant reach! I did not have one bad meal. Tours aside the highlights of the trip were the times we were at the various luxurious estates ran by Charming Villas. Each villa has it’s own style and the scheduled activities were well suited in their own right. From wine tasting, to slumber parties by the fire to locals hosting Catalan dinners and Calcotadas.<which I am still drooling over….those charcoaly (nope it’s not a word) morsals were so delicious! The experience was so dirty and delicious!! < I am still in awe from the total experience and if you are looking to host a destination……(make-up something it’s totally worth it) you can have the same experience and more…

For more information on lodging please contact http://www.charmingvillas.net

Charming Villas Trip

Sara, Richard, Erin, Jacobo, Jade, Kamala, Karen, Dario, Lee, Joan Marce, Laurel, Cheryl, Mariana, Andrea and Marie-Eve you all will always have a special place in my heart. The time spent with you was priceless and the memories will forever echo in my heart. It because of each one of you when I’m making recommendations I seem to over sell because of my excitement lol, I can’t help it – I had the time of my life! Until we meet again….. Love Love

Take a virtual tour of Catalonia, Spain – Charming Villas from my point of view…. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋