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Gods beauty in the form of Shannon & Limerick, Ireland

Four leaf clovers, Irish men and Gods beauty! I didn’t need to wait until St. Patricks day to get “lucky”, I hopped on a flight with my dear friend Sylvia and 7 hours later Gods beauty was within my reach… This was one of the most amazing places I’ve traveled, pure natural beauty.


      Hello Ireland!!!


I had the pleasure at lodging at the beautiful Absolute Hotel. The canal and neighboring views of rustic buildings were a bonus in this modern gem.

Outside-at-dusk-1440x720 20140221-162719.jpg 20140221-162705.jpg 20140221-162653.jpg

The staff were very friendly and professional, they arranged a driver for us who by the way was amazing and knew the history and facts in which he shared plenty.


The most break taking part of the tour was the Cliffs of Moher. Pulling up this to historic masterpiece without knowing  the outcome one would think they were driving up to a former medieval site prepared to tour castles or something of that nature.


In route to the cliff we ran into some ladies from Georgia.


It’s a little walk from the parking lot, but oh the blessing you get after walking a mile up stairs and hills.

The Cliffs of Moher!!!!!! Such a beauty!!! I did not want to leave.


After our breathtaking tour we headed to the Locke Bar and Oyster to have a traditional Irish dinner.



I enjoyed the Fillet of Hake with lemon butter sauce and chive mash.


I tried other local favorites sent to the table from locals, I was busy entertaining and be thankful I didn’t get any pictures but everything was delicious.

photo_4 photo_6 photo_7

I left full and satisfied.

I enjoyed my time in Ireland and as I type this post I’m planning a retreat in my head to get back. It’s a perfect location to go and gather your thoughts, regroup and just bask in Gods beauty.



Ice coffee in Madrid

One of the best spiked coffees I’ve had was in a cute little shop tucked away on the streets of Madrid, Spain…. Crema la Creme Kalper was the Spanish liquor used in the coffee and it was uniquely amazing..




If you think I was excited about the coffee just imagine how I felt when three french tourist walked up to me and said “who dat”!! My sweater called me out. In broken english -I think this was the cutest part hearing them struggle to tell me they were huge Saints fans. They pulled out their phone to show me the highlights of their visit to New Orleans to watch the Saints in person.. Pretty impressive Saints!!! It was a bond made in heaven!!!

IMG_5543 IMG_5544 IMG_5545

Heaven on earth is tucked away right between the Pyrenees & Mediterranean Sea

I will forever be grateful to Richard of Charming Villas for going off the track, up a winding road to everything I never dreamed of -but the best way I could explain it would be “it was a dream come true”


I was so amazed with this breathtaking panoramic view of Costa Bravo everything from a historic lighthouse, to disappearing mountains, endless body of water ….all while sipping on a hot cup of coffee, enjoying good people, good conversation, never-ending photo-shoots and eating a traditional Cadaques pastry Taps De Cadaques (courtesy of the mayor) –they melt in your mouth so yummy you have to pull yourself away from them… Which is exactly what they had to do to me…. Pull and drag me to the car.. I could have stayed right there the remainder of the trip. All I needed was a tree house and a portable coffee mug… By vehicle it’s a winding roller coaster of a ride to get there but so worth it!!! I’m planning my trip back in my head as I type.. The moment was so surreal that I can’t remember what the coffee taste like but it was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my life!!