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I love traveling especially with the “perks” of Tasse de caffe’ (hot cup of coffee) , A side of beignets or tiramisu 💋

Coffee + Dessert + Besalu = BLISS

Strolling through the village of Besalu, Catalonia, Spain. I stumbled on a small cafe serving up bold coffee and divine deserts. The barista spent a few moments answering my questions about the cafe, the village and just everyday life in Besalu before recommending the coffee of the day and the fresh decadent dessert. The coffee was so smooth and nutty. Al Gra was worth the stop during my walk.


Highlights from my walk.

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Mardi Gras Hash Stanley’s New Orleans

Nestled in the heart of the French Quarter in the Historic Jackson Square you will find Stanley’s -the first restaurant to open following Hurricane Katrina. So not only does this gem sit on historic territory it has made history itself.


You can get to Stanley’s via streetcar, car, ferry or ladder.


Riding the ferry or streetcar in New Orleans adds an extra perk to anywhere you’re headed. I opted for a ride on the water before our highly anticipated mouth watering brunch.


The menu has a few hash options; I was a little adventurous and created my own hash from items on the menu. Our server and I decided to call my selection the “Mardi Gras Hash”. The hash included potatoes, green onions, Cajun seasonings, fried oysters, eggs and soft-shelled crab. The crab was soft and tender with the right amount of seasoning and the oysters were just how I love them –hard on the outside with a moist center, same as the potatoes –Perfecto!


The huge serving was delicious! It was a Mardi Gras Mambo of flavors in my mouth!




In addition to coffee and mimosas we all ended up getting the same thing as we enjoyed the view that included street vendors, tourist, locals and even a parade.



This is definitely one hash I could wake up to every morning. I don’t think I would have ever ordered a dish with this combination had it not been for Hashcapades. I’m ready for more. If you are in New Orleans it’s worth heading over to Stanley’s. Ask for the “Mardi Gras Hash.”

Gods beauty in the form of Shannon & Limerick, Ireland

Four leaf clovers, Irish men and Gods beauty! I didn’t need to wait until St. Patricks day to get “lucky”, I hopped on a flight with my dear friend Sylvia and 7 hours later Gods beauty was within my reach… This was one of the most amazing places I’ve traveled, pure natural beauty.


      Hello Ireland!!!


I had the pleasure at lodging at the beautiful Absolute Hotel. The canal and neighboring views of rustic buildings were a bonus in this modern gem.

Outside-at-dusk-1440x720 20140221-162719.jpg 20140221-162705.jpg 20140221-162653.jpg

The staff were very friendly and professional, they arranged a driver for us who by the way was amazing and knew the history and facts in which he shared plenty.


The most break taking part of the tour was the Cliffs of Moher. Pulling up this to historic masterpiece without knowing  the outcome one would think they were driving up to a former medieval site prepared to tour castles or something of that nature.


In route to the cliff we ran into some ladies from Georgia.


It’s a little walk from the parking lot, but oh the blessing you get after walking a mile up stairs and hills.

The Cliffs of Moher!!!!!! Such a beauty!!! I did not want to leave.


After our breathtaking tour we headed to the Locke Bar and Oyster to have a traditional Irish dinner.



I enjoyed the Fillet of Hake with lemon butter sauce and chive mash.


I tried other local favorites sent to the table from locals, I was busy entertaining and be thankful I didn’t get any pictures but everything was delicious.

photo_4 photo_6 photo_7

I left full and satisfied.

I enjoyed my time in Ireland and as I type this post I’m planning a retreat in my head to get back. It’s a perfect location to go and gather your thoughts, regroup and just bask in Gods beauty.


Sa Vista – Costa Brava – Charming Villas

Costa Brava’s Luxury at it’s Finest… Sa Vista by Charming Villas is the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony… With a backdrop of the Village and Mediterranean Sea this beautiful villa will leave you with lasting memories. Equipped with 8 bedrooms, 8 baths, opening kitchen with a breakfast area, a piano and a number amazing views -windows everywhere you turn. There’s so many amenities and views, I think I found a new highlight every hour while there.


For more information on this property, rates and availability contact

Take a look at Sa Vista – Costa Brava – Charming Villas from my point of view (Disclaimer -I LOVE BODIES OF WATER AND THE VIEW THAT COMES WITH THEM- you will see a lot of what I love in the following images *_*)

Mas Perafita Vineyard – Martin Faixo Cellar

I’m going to start this post off by telling you how amazing Mas Perafita vineyard is. Then I’m going to tell you the wine variety provided by Martin Faixo Cellar is the most amazing wine that I’ve ever taste.. I’m not a drinker but I love “wine tastings”.

Mas Perafita is a beautiful charm in the region of Cap de Crues.. It was winding road trip uphill to get there that was was every turn. The vineyard is a gem! I had one wow moment after the other. Walking into the wine cellar with enormous shiny tanks, walking through the vineyard…. Beautiful…

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IMG_4770 IMG_4772 IMG_4773 IMG_4774 IMG_4775 IMG_4778

Okay so now that I’ve gotten that out of the way….. I consider myself an extreme hostess, I live to entertain with love. Well across the pond I met my match.. It was absolutely the most loving encounter ever (it was so loving they wanted me to move in). The owners of the vineyard hosted a family style lunch that would have pleased the meanest person on earth. They would have left smiling and FULL…. I have to get back soon, I consider them family. They are now my family.. Planning a Cadaques trip? Please pay them a visit…


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Peet’s Coffee – Manhattan Beach

When ever I visit LA I can’t leave without grabbing a hot cup of coffee and taking a stroll on the beach be. This morning I headed over to Manhattan Beach one of my favorite beaches in LA. The early morning strolls are the best –Crisp Air, Friendly Faces, Beautiful View and of course a tasty hot cup of coffee. Peet’s Coffee and Tea serves up a really nice Café Au Lait….


Peet’s Coffee & Tea is about three blocks from the Manhattan Beach Pier. They offer a full range of coffee drinks, as well as teas, pastries and coffee accessories. There’s plenty of seating both indoor and out…. I have never taking a seat for obvious reasons… Grab my coffee and or treat and head to the beach to people watch and enjoy the view. Peet’s coffee definitely worth giving them a trip and a sip while in LA!

Peet’s Coffee & Tea
328 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266









Westside Market NYC

While taking a walk one beautiful evening in the streets of New York with my friend Marcus I started craving a hot cup of coffee and something sweet some kind of serious which is not unusual for me -anything is an excuse for a cup of coffee… Marcus recommended the Market (it really was an opportunity for my bro to share his favorite grocery store with me). Upon walking up to the store I immediately fell in love with the fresh produce outside – inside the coffee station was being refreshed by the cutest and friendly clerk… Huge “perk” for the market -no pun intended.

The coffee was freshly brewed and might I add DELICIOUS!! I could have closed my eyes and envisioned myself in a cafe in Paris (Paris, Texas teehee).. It really was good though… To my surprise Marcus who witnessed my instant love affair with the Westside Market gifted me with a souvenir t-shirt. I love love it and it’s a constant reminder of my exciting walk through the streets of Manhattan with my cup of Westside Market coffee in hand…

Westside Market NYC – 2840 Broadway, New York, NY 10025