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Every now and then (more of now) I like to grab a cup of coffee and get to creating, crafting or cooking… Here’s my creatives, crafting and cooking confessions.

Gourmet Fried Chicken Meal

Fried Chicken stuffed with  Mustard & Collard Greens &  Mac & Cheese

20130523-002918 20130523-003019









I had a blast preparing this and the family had a bigger blast devouring this meal.


Saturday, Coffee & Tile

My Saturday started with the normal pitter patter of feet -the ones that I hear everyday and the ones from the children with magnets in their little happy feet that land at my home every weekend.. Love is contagious and I’m guessing the happy feet feel the love..


The distraction amongst the kids was a great excuse for me to get my hands moving..

Two empty coffee cups later I’m in the bathroom setting in tile…


photo 1 photo 3 photo-5


Disney on ice… Perfect excuse to create something cute.

The moment I got the tickets I knew I wanted the girls to dress up for the occasion… I’m trying to take advantage of being able to dress Vaj up as much as I possibly can. She’s almost 13 and coming into a style of her own .

Vaj assist in the process of making the tutu’s…. Within minutes she had the process down, leaving me to enough time to stitch up my nieces Disney princess top. I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


Photo shoot over we are READY to go!


The girls had a blast and they received a lot of compliments. Mission accomplished!

20130503-113528 20130503-113554 20130503-113606

Fabulous 99 cent thrift store find.

I have no idea what this find was but I cleaned it, stitched it up and turned it to a fabulous hand purse….. Definitely worth the 99 cents I spent on it..

img_3495 img_3496 img_3508


Caught in the act by


I needed a hobo bag.

So I created one..

I found this leopard skirt during one of my thrifting escapades..

20130501-010548 20130501-010757 20130501-010937


I’m having the bug to make another for the spring..

Fashionable Candles

I love love candles, second I love pretty candles. Only problem is they are so hard to find which is really not a problem when you can create what you want..

IMG_2420 2 IMG_2428 2 slide 6


MESSY indeed but so worth it!

Styling myself like a pro

I envisioned my book cover colorful and happy.. I also wanted the image to reflect the subject.. I was in the fabric store for something totally different when I found this material, was I ever happy!!! I could not wait to get home and press the power button on my sewing machine!

I think I did a great job…

IMG_7876 IMG_7885 IMG_8333

Can you tell by now red is my favorite color?