Mardi Gras Hash Stanley’s New Orleans

Nestled in the heart of the French Quarter in the Historic Jackson Square you will find Stanley’s -the first restaurant to open following Hurricane Katrina. So not only does this gem sit on historic territory it has made history itself.


You can get to Stanley’s via streetcar, car, ferry or ladder.


Riding the ferry or streetcar in New Orleans adds an extra perk to anywhere you’re headed. I opted for a ride on the water before our highly anticipated mouth watering brunch.


The menu has a few hash options; I was a little adventurous and created my own hash from items on the menu. Our server and I decided to call my selection the “Mardi Gras Hash”. The hash included potatoes, green onions, Cajun seasonings, fried oysters, eggs and soft-shelled crab. The crab was soft and tender with the right amount of seasoning and the oysters were just how I love them –hard on the outside with a moist center, same as the potatoes –Perfecto!


The huge serving was delicious! It was a Mardi Gras Mambo of flavors in my mouth!




In addition to coffee and mimosas we all ended up getting the same thing as we enjoyed the view that included street vendors, tourist, locals and even a parade.



This is definitely one hash I could wake up to every morning. I don’t think I would have ever ordered a dish with this combination had it not been for Hashcapades. I’m ready for more. If you are in New Orleans it’s worth heading over to Stanley’s. Ask for the “Mardi Gras Hash.”


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