Shallow-less Sunday 1/19/14

I love me some Jesus… Not only because He first loved me I just love Him.

Have you ever read a book that captivated your emotions strongly or watched a movie where the story line brought you to tears through-out the entire movie, better yet have you ever been in an intimate situation that brought you to another  place; had you head over heels for the person who took you there?

That’s exactly how I feel about Jesus… When I’m thinking about Him, when I’m reading about Him or watching something on television, don’t talk about when I speaking to Him..


It’s not one of those feelings someone had to tell me about, it’s one of those things I had to experience and feel for myself.

By getting to know Him and feeling Him in my being it’s hard not to go out into the world and offer anything less than what He gives me. I never find myself preaching down others when it comes to my relationship with Christ. When those trying to find their way or just looking for substance they don’t start asking questions until after they have been around me and see the genuine unconditional love I try to show every moment of my existence.


Yes I have trials (big ones at that), I’m tried, I’m let down, I’m talked about, I’m cheated on, I don’t receive the same love I dish out from humans BUT knowing that Jesus went through far worst and on purpose gives me the encouragement I need to push forward -live on purpose with purpose and love.

This feeling that I have I’m so grateful that the world can’t take it away. I wake up daily with the peace that surpasses all understanding. I could not understand it at one time for the life of me. I questioned it myself countless times, especially when others thought I was masking other emotions. I would even lie to others and dumb down feeling amazing just to please others… Glad I stopped that! I have the love of Jesus, I love Him! I love my life and  I love love this mission to love others, hopefully inspiring others along the way.

It’s okay to love Jesus… It’s okay to have Peace. It’s okay to Love..

On a quest to live a shallow-less life.

Blessings & Love, Jayda 💋



5 responses to “Shallow-less Sunday 1/19/14

  1. Well said! 🙂
    “Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.” Ps. 73:25

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