Peet’s Coffee – Manhattan Beach

When ever I visit LA I can’t leave without grabbing a hot cup of coffee and taking a stroll on the beach be. This morning I headed over to Manhattan Beach one of my favorite beaches in LA. The early morning strolls are the best –Crisp Air, Friendly Faces, Beautiful View and of course a tasty hot cup of coffee. Peet’s Coffee and Tea serves up a really nice Café Au Lait….


Peet’s Coffee & Tea is about three blocks from the Manhattan Beach Pier. They offer a full range of coffee drinks, as well as teas, pastries and coffee accessories. There’s plenty of seating both indoor and out…. I have never taking a seat for obvious reasons… Grab my coffee and or treat and head to the beach to people watch and enjoy the view. Peet’s coffee definitely worth giving them a trip and a sip while in LA!

Peet’s Coffee & Tea
328 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266










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