Westside Market NYC

While taking a walk one beautiful evening in the streets of New York with my friend Marcus I started craving a hot cup of coffee and something sweet some kind of serious which is not unusual for me -anything is an excuse for a cup of coffee… Marcus recommended the Market (it really was an opportunity for my bro to share his favorite grocery store with me). Upon walking up to the store I immediately fell in love with the fresh produce outside – inside the coffee station was being refreshed by the cutest and friendly clerk… Huge “perk” for the market -no pun intended.

The coffee was freshly brewed and might I add DELICIOUS!! I could have closed my eyes and envisioned myself in a cafe in Paris (Paris, Texas teehee).. It really was good though… To my surprise Marcus who witnessed my instant love affair with the Westside Market gifted me with a souvenir t-shirt. I love love it and it’s a constant reminder of my exciting walk through the streets of Manhattan with my cup of Westside Market coffee in hand…

Westside Market NYC – 2840 Broadway, New York, NY 10025



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