Preparing for your harvest….

Thoughts of September – Clear thinking, forget me not, morning glory, seven, seventh, the month of preparing for a harvest…..

Gives you something to think about right?

Are you thinking clear?

Is the vision God gave you screaming, forget me not?

Are you waking up, praising God for His Morning Glory?

Are you preparing for your harvest, or are you full of bitterness, anger, depression, worry or stress?

Are you full of love, joy, happiness, and the fact of knowing that God loves you and will supply all of your needs?

As you say good bye to August and all things from the past, say Hello September! Hello Harvest! Hello Today!!!

Last night, I created  “My Vision His Provision Board” (there’s an awesome story behind it, you have to be in the spirit to really get it, if you want to know, ask and I’ll share) the board speaks everything I envisioned for my life, yet keeping Gods will in the midst of it…

I know a few people out there are still holding on to vision boards from 2-3 years ago, wondering why things have not come to pass… We have to remember to keep God in the midst of and in every position in our lives if we want to experience the true joy, real harvest, and perfect peace He has made available for us…

Remember….. Say good bye to August and all things from the past, allow God to take this journey with you while saying Hello to September! Hello to your Harvest! Hello to Today!!!


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