While in Asheville, NC I was having one of my moments.. Thoughts of Tiramisu and coffee!!!!! Relying on  “Motion X GPS” which thankfully hasn’t failed me yet -I was directed to a quant little bakery with a sign in the window “Well-Bred” (it less than 10 minutes from Asheville in Weaverville).

I swear when I walked in the only thing I smelled was tiramisu… and there it was sitting all pretty right before my eyes…





I ordered a nice BIG piece and a cup of Café Au Lait. A taste of love!

Well-Bred had me at hello… That tiramisu was so divine, creamy and yummilicious!! The sad thing about the journey I only purchased one piece and didn’t taste it until I was miles away -I had taste dummies in the vehicle with me that obviously had to try some. Leaving me wanting more..


Next time I’m headed back to NC I know to order more –enough to share and enough to keep for myself.

Well-Bred Bakery & Café



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