Yoga – My New Love….

Soooo I’m cheating on the Dancing Divva for my new lover…. Yoga
Benefits of Yoga…
  • Aiding in Muscle Relaxation
  • Promoting Joint Mobility
  • Strengthening the Back and Spine
  • Increasing Flexibility
  • Promoting Balance
  • Increasing Physical Stamina
  • Improving Circulation
  • Directing Blood and Oxygen to the Internal Organs

One of the benefits of yoga that I’ve personally experienced is a greater sense of overall wellbeing. During yoga, you inhale and exhale deeply, your body relaxes and the capacity to take in more clean air is increased. Yoga in fact, helps to calm our minds and enhance our mental concentration. After a yoga workout, I feel more upbeat and relaxed.

Give Yoga a try, as fiesty and full of life that I can be, practicing yoga is the one calming segment of the day I look forward to.


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