Restaurant Divinum – Girona Spain

Yesterday’s experience in Girona was simply amazing! From hello the everyone who was scheduled to meet for dinner  immediately clicked and started on plans.  No one was a stranger -just how I like it! We all walked to a castle which seemed like 30 miles away but was so worth it! The view from the top was breathtaking. Immediatley following that walk we drove to the city of Girona for a guided tour and dinner. The tour of this beautiful city was a sure fire of unexpectency. When we were parking I assumed it was a quant village with a huge cathedral. Well my thoughts were wrong, once we crossed the bridge I was blown away. Girona is college town with lots of animation and fun. The highlight of the night was dinner at Restaurant Divinum ( ) my gosh we had almost a 13 course meal on top of a glass floor with wine bottles to view!!! The chef continuously brought out more and more food, wine and bread I think I’m still recovering from the meal! I had to roll me to bed for sure!! The bread alone oh my!!! Kudos to the Tourism board of Girona for doing such a phenomenal job at hosting the group! The night ended with sweet rest at one of Charming Villas properties in the country-side of Girona . Richard and his wife Sara ( did a great job putting the day together!! #Gods Goodness Never Cease to Amaze Me! Girona is simply beautiful!!


barrio-judío catedral-de-girona images-3 IMG_3144.CR2_ suitesressorthap-dreams_553

I was so busy devouring the food I failed to get a picture of it… Food photo courtesy of my friend Marie-Eve  (she takes amazing pictures

IMG_3156.CR2_ rebel8


One response to “Restaurant Divinum – Girona Spain

  1. It was an awesome night Jayda! They just kept bring those lovely plates of food and it got to the stage where I was almost wishing for it to end! 🙂

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