It’s Yours!

I woke up with this scripture and scenario on my heart. The goodness of The Lord is all around us. Some of you are like Mary right now -wondering how can you move forward with your life, your gifts, talents, careers when you don’t have the adequate resources or people to move forward. The devil is a lie!! Mary thought the same thing,”How can I bring forth this Great King when I have never been with a man?” God has power to do anything in your life. You don’t man to do anything for you. You source comes from above! Believe that & know that! Whatever God planted in you prepare to DELIVER!! You will not abort, miscarry or give your gift up for adoption! It’s yours for the keeping!! Start claiming! Reclaim! It’s Yours! It’s Yours!!! Love you to pieces & simply want the best for you!!! ❤☀❤☀😘💨💨💨💨❤


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