Love Letters

I received this card last week and I’m in tears every time I read it. The first word “surprise” was the happiest surprise to date.. Many of you remember the sweet lady I met at the airport in VA who kept smiling at me.. We end up talking, then became pen pals. Well I thought I would never hear from her again because I lost her address some how -and I hadn’t received a reply letter from her since the end of 2011.. Every time she wrote me I fell in love with life more and more.. She’s seen a lot in her time and never hesitated to share her lessons with me.. This one paragraph is just an example of the beautiful woman she is and I wanted to share her words with you as encouragement.. Life is so precious and short we should value each moment to the fullest and value who is in our lives.. All of her marriage she has been traveling the world with the love of her life and now he has dementia -all of his memories are gone but Glory to God he has her.. The one sentence “I’ve had him for 65 years I don’t know a life without him” pierced my heart deep.. I had the opportunity to meet her husband the same day, he was a little sick but the way he smiled at her and is eyes lit up was priceless..

Not only should this be the kind of love we yearn for, this should be the kind of love we issue.. When we say I love you it should shine through our walk, our actions, our eyes… #LoveLives



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