Heaven on earth is tucked away right between the Pyrenees & Mediterranean Sea

I will forever be grateful to Richard of Charming Villas for going off the track, up a winding road to everything I never dreamed of -but the best way I could explain it would be “it was a dream come true”


I was so amazed with this breathtaking panoramic view of Costa Bravo everything from a historic lighthouse, to disappearing mountains, endless body of water ….all while sipping on a hot cup of coffee, enjoying good people, good conversation, never-ending photo-shoots and eating a traditional Cadaques pastry Taps De Cadaques (courtesy of the mayor) –they melt in your mouth so yummy you have to pull yourself away from them… Which is exactly what they had to do to me…. Pull and drag me to the car.. I could have stayed right there the remainder of the trip. All I needed was a tree house and a portable coffee mug… By vehicle it’s a winding roller coaster of a ride to get there but so worth it!!! I’m planning my trip back in my head as I type.. The moment was so surreal that I can’t remember what the coffee taste like but it was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my life!!












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