Never Give Up

We’re 11 days into 2013 -it’s been a remarkable start for some and some not so much -(I know I’ve been jumping out of my boots since around 7pm 12/31/12I).. Many are beating themselves up over resolutions they made in 2012, even 2011 not coming into fruition.. We can’t beat ourselves up over what didn’t happen. God doesn’t operate on time and there’s still time as long as your living to see your vision – His provision into a reality. The key is to keep moving!

keep moving Yes! Keep moving your closer than you think you are. If the vision remains it’s yours to claim! Nothing that comes against you will be able to stop it. So today I encourage you to lay aside and release the whining, doubting and fear and get ready for the curtains to draw back. Get ready for your breakthrough!

curtainYou have to believe there’s life for you behind the curtain… It’s time to hit the red carpet and move forward in your destiny.. It’s time for your Faith to be activated at it’s highest level.

Faith is complete trust and confidence in the unseen!!! Close your eyes and see what you believe!!!

As always I love you to pieces and simply want the best for you!!!


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