The best of Girona, Catalonia, Spain

When planning a destination wedding , special occasion , a retreat or just a get a way to meditate, relax and bask in the Glory of Gods beauty there’s so many known choices out there.. When you think of Spain immediately Barcelona or Madrid comes to mind…. Well nestled away right outside of Barcelona you will find Catolonia.. There you will find Gods beauty at it’s best.. Sara & Richard the owners of Charming Villas are fortunate to be the ambassadors of the charms I had the pleasure of visiting, embracing and allowing into my heart.

charming villas richard and sara

Richard and Sara didn’t cut any corners in hosting us during our trip. From private tours of the Dalí museum, Jewish Quarters, Roman age Cathedrals, Medieval Villages, Castles and Gothic Churches –we were able to experience Catalonia in such a remarkable way. Fine dining was one of the many perks to say the least I had to go on a diet upon return… Endless Potatoes, Bread, Olive oil and Wine were at a constant reach! I did not have one bad meal. Tours aside the highlights of the trip were the times we were at the various luxurious estates ran by Charming Villas. Each villa has it’s own style and the scheduled activities were well suited in their own right. From wine tasting, to slumber parties by the fire to locals hosting Catalan dinners and Calcotadas.<which I am still drooling over….those charcoaly (nope it’s not a word) morsals were so delicious! The experience was so dirty and delicious!! < I am still in awe from the total experience and if you are looking to host a destination……(make-up something it’s totally worth it) you can have the same experience and more…

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Charming Villas Trip

Sara, Richard, Erin, Jacobo, Jade, Kamala, Karen, Dario, Lee, Joan Marce, Laurel, Cheryl, Mariana, Andrea and Marie-Eve you all will always have a special place in my heart. The time spent with you was priceless and the memories will forever echo in my heart. It because of each one of you when I’m making recommendations I seem to over sell because of my excitement lol, I can’t help it – I had the time of my life! Until we meet again….. Love Love

Take a virtual tour of Catalonia, Spain – Charming Villas from my point of view…. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋


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