I ran into the face of hope & inspiration under the bridge..

Walking under the bridge in New Orleans chatting with homeless men and women I had the opportunity to meet two beautiful people who were fussing about the police harassing them.. You know me huge advocate for the less fortunate I slowed my pace to engage in this conversation. After talking and praying with them the lady asked me for a ride. I was like sure -but where y’all going? They shared with me they only came out to share food they had received on yesterday from a food drive yesterday and that God had blessed them last week after being homeless for 5 years and being on a 3 year waiting list with Unity, sleeping through storms, heat and danger on the ground with a new home -RENT FREE!! You should already know we had to take a praise break before saying another word.. I was tooooo excited to give them a ride!! Al just kept saying wait to see how God blessed me!! We all were in tears!! When we made it to the house he yelled “welcome to my mansion! It’s empty but it’s mine”!!! BUT GOD!!! Take a glimpse of God in the pictures below!! We are so blessed… God is amazingly wonderful!!! I’m so grateful I took a moment to just STOP… I’m blessed by their blessing. 20121212-160504.jpg 20121212-160511.jpg 20121212-160518.jpg


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